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The 7 Best Time-Saving Apps For Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Erica Yitzhak Legal Apps

If you’re a legal professional, then you know the value of saving time. Lawyers and paralegals alike have to complete loads of tasks that take up 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Whether it’s signing a document, transferring files, or just doing a little last-minute research, those little chunks of time all add up.

Here are 7 of the very best time-saving apps to streamline your work life:

Dropbox: If you’re not already using Dropbox, you’re missing out on the opportunity to securely and simply store, share and access files on various computers. Stop emailing documents to yourself — they just get lost and flood your inbox unnecessarily. Instead, Dropbox allows you to drag and drop files and folders, making cloud storage and file synchronization a cinch.

CamScanner: Legal professionals are already inundated with reams and reams of paper documents, so anything to help reduce that load of paper is a welcome addition to the lawyer or paralegal’s work habits. Enter Camscanner, the app that cuts out the need for the fax machine and allows you to easily scan and share documents on the go. You can even keep track of all your scanned documents to help keep a handy electronic file for your records.

Fastcase: Fastcase is a legal research app that lets you take a quick glance at a statute or provision before you go into your next meeting. You can search using keywords, natural language, or citations, to get the quickest, most relevant results every time. It even lets you customize and save your favorites, so stop wasting your commute and start logging valuable research time.

WestlawNext: The WestlawNext app allows legal professionals to get easy access to Westlaw’s premier legal research system, all from the convenience of your mobile device. It’s a great mobile tool that lets you quickly search using KeyCite or WestSearch on the go, add notes or highlights to documents, and even save them or transfer them for offline reading later.

SignMyPad: SignMyPad is a simple PDF signature tool for your mobile device that will dramatically cut down on your need for superfluous faxing, copying, and scanning. Simply open a file from the cloud or your email inbox, sign it, save it, and then send it on its way. If you need to print it, SignMyPad offers that capability right from your mobile device.

LogMeIn: If you ever need to remotely access your work documents from another device, then the LogMeIn app is for you. It lets you easily and securely get access to the files you were just working on and continue seamlessly from where you left off. Now you can be productive even when you’re at home, at a coffee shop, or on your daily commute.

Wunderlist: This app is an upgrade to all the notes you write in your Notes application, on your post-it notes, and on the back of your hand. The Wunderlist app is one of the greatest to-do list apps out there because you can set due dates and reminders, share your lists with colleagues, and sync your lists automatically across all of your devices.